Vital statistics
Species Cuckoo Clock
Gender Female
Appearance Cat-shaped cuckoo clock with eyes, and an orange mouse for the cuckoo. Also, her clock hands are spiraly shapes.
Location The Kitchen

Clocky is a very frequent character. She is a clock located in The Kitchen on the wall, right below Phoney. Mousey lives in her, popping out on a spoon-ish platform whenever she wants to tell time. Her eyes look left to right as the swinging part moves the opposite direction.

Little Sister, Big BotherEdit

She first appears when the time strikes 8:00 AM, indicating Olie has to go to school now.


View more details at Mousey. What happens is that Mousey pops out to tell time, immediately stops when she smells delicious cheese, and Mousey jumps out of Clocky. Later on, after retrieving it, Clocky saves Mousey (AND the cheese) from falling on the ground after the toy plane (from Olie's Room) does an aerial loop.

Housey Wake UpEdit

Clocky comes to a complete stop after Housey falls asleep due to exhaustion. Earlier on, Mousey repeatedly popped out of her, telling what time it is (snack time, Space Boy time, cleaning time, etc.).

Bot O' The HouseyEdit

Due to Big Wally's tempo synchrolator going very slow, it causes everything to be drowsy and sluggish. Clocky is no exception, her ticking goes 1 every 2/½ seconds.


  • Clocky usually has a shadow behind her.
  • An animation error that happens numerous times is that the swinging part and/or her eyes don't move.