Coo is Coochie's twin brother and is the younger twin. The polished adopted Coo along with Coochie in the movie the baby bot chase and appeared in a few season 6 episodes. His most favorite thing to do is play with his twin sister Coochie and his step siblings Olie and Zowie. He is one of the deuteragonists of The Baby Bot Chase.


Coo is a cute blue baby bot with big eyes, a copter, and a white diaper with yellow and pink and blue buttons.


Despite the fact their siblings, Coo is also Coochie's best friend, they love each other and their step brother and sister which that is Olie and Zowie. He is very playful just like his sister, Coochie and mischievous. They both enjoy the same activities such as, using there copters to fly and playing with their rattles. Both Coochie and Coo where adopted from a place out in space called the Mother Ship. Their first appearance is in The Baby Bot Chase. Coo was adopted by the Polie family in Baby Bot Chase. Sometimes they don't like it when the adults or Olie and his friends are watching he and Coochie play but they often let them watch.


  • Coo's name like Coochie's is a pun of "coochie coochie coo", what people say when they’re tickling babies and small children.


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