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Gizmo is an Elvis-like character. He’s Olie, Zowie, Coochie and Coo’s uncle, Polina’s brother-in-law, Percy's older brother and Pappy's older son. He’s 69-years-old. He speaks with an hick accent. He’s Zowie Polie's molester. Some of his magic tricks go wrong, but some are successful if they get him alone with children. 

He is one of the two tetartagonists of Rolie Polie Olie, one of the deuteragonists of The Great Defender of Fun and one of the tritagonists of The Baby Bot Chase. However remember, he is always an antagonist unlike Reichsfuhrer-SS Pappy and his descendant, Boogie2988.


Gizmo resembles Boogie2988.




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