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Percy is the father of Olie, Zowie, Coochie and Coo, the husband of Polina, the younger brother of Gizmo, the younger nephew of Aunt Polie Anna and the younger son of Pappy. He’s 52 years old and is a resident of Polieville. He was voiced by Adrian Truss as an adult and Kyle Fairlie as a kid. He’s one of the three tritagonists of Rolie Polie Olie (the other two being Polina Polie and Pappy) and one of the deuteragonists of The Great Defender of Fun and The Baby Bot Chase.

Family: Olie (older son) Zowie (older daughter) Coochie (younger daughter) Coo (younger son) Polina (wife) Pappy (father) Gizmo Polie (older brother) Aunt Polie Anna (aunt) Grandma Polie (mother-in-law) Anna Polie (sister-in-law) Uncle Polie Reg (uncle-in-law)

Pet: Spot

Friends: Polina, Baxter, Bonita (friend)

Alignment: Good