Season 3, Episode 10a
Air date February 15, 2001 (Thursday)
Written by Michael Stokes
Storyboard by Lance Taylor
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Who's The Bestest Of Them All
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Rewind - 1 part 36 episode of Rolie Polie Olie.


A machine that rewinds come to the Polies' house and in the scene when Olie's pet dog Spot breaks Polina's bowling championship trophy and in rewinding The Polies start their things over.

In Olie's clean-up scene. Polina does the carrots in the garden when Percy pushes a grass vehicle. Zowie plays with a ball. Spot catches Billy's cat.

In the rewinding version of the same scene. Olie reverses and walks backwards and no eating. Zowie stops playing. The theme song goes backwards and then fast forward.

Polina tells Olie to tidy-up his garage.

Olie goes to a halt. Percy tries to go to the machine but the clean up scene goes in fast forward. Zowie plays her ball fast when Percy goes too fast with his machine. Olie puts a bucket on his head.

All of the things get cleaned up.

In the scene near the end. Olie and Zowie finish their ice cream treat to Polina. They reverse and try ice cream.  While Zowie is playing. She plays with a ball. Spot chases Billy's pet cat Dicey.

Summary Edit

Olie finds a rewind button.

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  • In the Italian version, the reversed dialogue remains in English.
  • The ultimate reason to backtrack in time is to unintentionally touch the subject and steer down.

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Hal koopa adventure of Rolie polie olie rewind-0

Hal koopa adventure of Rolie polie olie rewind-0