The Great Defender of Fun is the first movie of Rolie Polie Olie. It came out in 2002.


An evil space pirate named Gloomius Maximus (Voiced by James Woods) tries to drain all the happiness and fun out of everyone. Unfortunately for Olie, an invitation to Zowie's third birthday party accidentally flies off into space and makes its way aboard Gloomius's ship. Gloomius never had a birthday party himself, so he sets out to make Zowie's as miserable as possible. He zaps the robots with the Glum Beam and takes them to the Galaxy of Gloom. Between Olie's super silly ray and some help from Saturday morning heroes Space Boy and Space Dog, the day is saved by silliness. In the end, Gloomius Maximus becomes good.

Trivia and Transcript

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Zowie: Big balloon!

Uncle Gizmo: Whoa! That’s too big snookums! Zowie, let go of the balloon now. You’re floating away!

Zowie: Me flying!

Percy: Zowie!

Zowie: Whee!

Percy: Get back!

Uncle Gizmo: Oh, he’s floating away!

Percy: No!

Baxter Bevel: Whoa!

Percy: Zowie! Zowie! Get back!

Zowie: (Laughing)

Percy: Get back!

Zowie: Up, up, up!

Percy: Zowie, no!


Rolie Polie Olie Movie The Great Defender of Fun

Rolie Polie Olie Movie The Great Defender of Fun

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