Straighten Upper-er To The Rescue
Season 6, Episode 8a
Air date January 17, 2004 (Saturday)
Written by Elizabeth Keyushian
Directed by Ron Pitts
Storyboard by Lance Taylor
Story by Steve Sullivan
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Straighten Upper-er To The Rescue is 8 episode 6 season series Rolie Polie Olie.

The premiere of this episode took place on Saturday, 17 January 2004.


Olie's antennae loses it's shape, so he has to wear a straighten-upper for a week until his antennae is straight again.


Olie is off to the Antennist, but what used to be a routine visit turns into a life-altering event. His antenna isnt quite straight and needs a bit of help getting into its correct position and this means having to wear a special apparatus. What will the other kids think? Thankfully, to Olies surprise, some of the kids at school will be going through similar situations, so they ask him lots of questions examine his new gear with fascination. It's all part of growing up!




Rolie Polie Olie - Straighten Upper-er To The Rescue (Spanish Version)

Rolie Polie Olie - Straighten Upper-er To The Rescue (Spanish Version)

Episode in Spanish Version

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