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The Best Doggone Show in the World
Season 1, Episode 4c
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Air date October 25, 1998 (Sunday)
Written by Peter Sauder
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The Best Doggone Show in the World - is the twelfth episode of Rolie Polie Olie.

The premiere episode took place on Sunday, October 25, 1998 year.


Telly is under the weather.


Rolie wants to throw the best doggone show in the world.


Olie: Ladies and gentlemen, this time once again to welcome young and old to the best doggone show in the world!

Percy: (Chuckles) Well, roll me up and bounce me around.

Olie: Thank you, thank you! First for the youngsters, little bo-peep. Little bo-peep. Open up! Little bo-peep has lost her sheep...Zowie!

Zowie: Boo-hoo, boo-hoo!

Olie: ...and doesn’t know where to find them.

Zowie: Where sheep? Where sheep?

Polina: Oh!

Zowie: Sheep’s, Olie! Sheep’s! Zowie find sheep’s!

Olie: (Sighing) Not those ones, Zowie.

Zowie: Where’s sheep’s? Where’s sheep’s?

Percy: (Laughing)

Zowie: There sheep’s! There sheep’s! There...(Laughing)

Olie: Little bo-peep has lost the sheep and doesn’t know where to find them. Leave them alone and they will come home...

Zowie: There sheep. (Laughing)

Olie: Leave them alone, Zowie! Zowie! So, um, little bo-peep went, uh...uh...looking for her sheep and sheep came, uh, came home, bring his tail behind them.

Zowie: (Laughing) Spot sheep, Spot sheep!

Olie: Then little bo-peep came him, too. And they live happily ever after after.

Polina: If that wasn’t the cutest thing!

Percy: (Laughing)

Pappy: Hee-hee! Howdy, folks! Enjoying the show?

Percy: Just dandy, Pappy.

Pappy: Good. Because now I want you all to brace yourselves for the bravest lion tamer in the whole round world! The amazing Olie!

Olie: Send out the ferocious Olie eating lion.

Percy: Whoa!

Polina: Ooh!

Olie: Back lion. Back, I say. Up on the stool! Lion, the lion tamer says up on the stool! No, Spot! Lion! Not lie down! Come on, Spot! Pal? (Sighing) Okay, lion. Lie down! Go to sleep! And stool, up on the lion.

Percy: What a show.

Polina: Scared me.


- Olie Polie

- Zowie Polie

- Polina Polie (Olie's Mom)

- Percy Polie (Olie's Dad)

- Pappy

- Telly

- Spot

- Sofert

- Lampy (tall)

- Couchy


Billy Bevel doesn't appear in this episode.