Rolie Polie Olie Wiki
Vital statistics
Species Trashcan
Gender Male
Appearance Frog-like trashcan with a yellow cylindrical base and a metal lid with eyes
Location The Kitchen

Trashy is the household trashcan in the kitchen. His normal location is to the left of the kitchen counter.

Universal Spot

The other objects attempt to put the Universal Remote-O-Matic in Trashy's mouth due to jealousy, but fail when the Remote-O-Matic lands into Spot's dog bowl, and gets eaten, causing all of the household appliances to go into acts of craziness. It eventually ends up in Trashy after the Polies agree they don't need it after all. That, and it was all wet from being in Spot's stomach.

Lunchmaster 3000

Trashy gets a bellyache from digesting a bunch of leftovers. Percy uses him as an example to Olie that just because something is old doesn't mean it needs replacing, declining Olie's request for the Lunchmaster 3000. However, Percy finds a good use for it. After it's revealed the lunchbox EATS anything inside it, he puts it in Trashy not only to get rid of it because it's a rip-off, but to cure Trashy's stomachache. Now whatever Trashy digests is now digested by the Lunchmaster 3000.