Wheelie (character)


Ali Mukadam






Olie Polie, Zowie Polie, Pollie Pi, Billy Bevel, Screwy

Wheelie is an older kid who is friends with Olie and Zowie. He is also friends with the other kids. Rarely appears in the television series Rolie Polie Olie. The kids highly look up to him and they love it when he comes to play with them. He's intelligent and is willing to give advice to the younger kids. Vince Height: I'm still growing tall --enough to play pro ball I hope! Favorite activity: Any sport... you name it. Best Attribute: I'm a team player all the way! Favorite person(s): Air Mike -- and my big brother Chad. Favorite pastime: Hanging out with T.J. and my other buddies. I am best known for: Slamming a baseball all the way to China! Gretchen Height & Weight: Do you want that in feet, or meters pounds, or kilograms? Favorite subject: All of them! Favorite person(s) Albert Einstein -- and my friends! Dream Date: The Whiz Kid on "Smart Guy!" Favorite activity: Taking tests, of course. Ajectives that best Describe me: Reliable, the way you misspelled "adjectives." What I would change about myself: Well, I wish my glasses weren't so thick. Mikey Weight: Please don't make fun of me for being fat. Favorite poet: Anyone who writes about peace. I am misunderstood because: I am so big, but I would never hurt anyone! I like To: Play with puppies and listen to love songs. My Favorite place: My "happy place" in my mind. Favorite food: Cheeseburgers as long as no animals were hurt to make them.