Worm hole

A green/blue striped roller-coaster type wormhole located in the Rolie Polie Galaxy. Whenever a victim is sucked into it, they are sent back to where they came from. Olie's mom and dad got sucked into it when they were lost looking for Zowie and Pappy in The Great Defender of Fun, but after the wild ride, they were sent back to their planet. It made its first appearance in The Great Defender of Fun, and its second in Blast From The Past. Pappy and Aunt Polieanna get sucked in to it while they were on their cruise on Pappy's boat. Due to the wormhole being so slippery, Pappy couldn't keep control of the boat. He held on to the smokestack, and Aunt Polieanna grabbed a lifeboat, but it broke away. Then a long ride later, she slid right out of the wormhole and out into space, and made it back home to Polieville. The wormhole also makes an appearance in The Great Defender Of Fun's DVD bonus features' The Galaxy Of Rolie Polie Olie. It is unknown if the Wormhole has made another appearance.

Trivia/Goofs Edit

In The Great Defender Of Fun, When Olie's parents get out of the wormhole, they were in a different wormhole entirely, and the animators covered the real ending of the wormhole so no one would notice.