Zowie's School Daze
Season 6, Episode 7a
Air date September 6, 2003 (Saturday)
Written by Alice Prodanou
Directed by Ron Pitts
Storyboard by François Bruel
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Zowie School Daze is 7 episode 6 season series Rolie Polie Olie.

The premiere of this episode took place on Saturday, September 6 2003.


The family helps Zowie get ready for her first day of school.


The first day of school is just around the corner, but Zowie doesn’t seem too happy about this new encounter. Olie helps his little sister overcome her first day woes by having a make believe school day in the living room. Mom, Dad, and even spot get into the groove. Zowie has so much fun playing make believe that she can’t wait to have her real first day of school!


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